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Last year, GlobalDoc donated to the
American Red Cross and supported
other GlobalDoc Cares initiatives.
Learn more about this and our
other charitable endeavors.

GlobalDoc News

2018 Statement on GDPR Compliance

LangXpert® Information

GlobalDoc has developed a proprietary enterprise level automation tool that enables seamless project workflow. LangXpert® meets our every operational need, so in turn we can meet yours.

Case Studies

GlobalDoc developed an automation and content management compatible system that drives consistent project management and allowed uninterrupted productivity during development.

Technology Services

GlobalDoc employs the latest technology in every area of translation services and when they don't exist -- we create them.

Translation Services

GlobalDoc delivers unsurpassed translations and multilingual services to the international marketplace.

Meet Our Executive Team

The people who lead our company bring a wealth of language service experience, technical insight and passion.