Technology Services

GlobalDoc employs the latest technology in every area of translation services and when they don't exist -- we create them.

Translation Services

GlobalDoc delivers unsurpassed translations and multilingual services to the international marketplace.


GlobalDoc, Inc. has a long history relative to many language service providers (LSP) for clients to draw upon - decades, in fact.  The concept of globalization was not pervasive until the "Information Age", yet the GlobalDoc vision of promoting high quality, worldwide communications started well before email was even a business standard. Since GlobalDoc was established in 1993, it's leaders, employees, and professional translators along with client partnerships have played a vital role in the evolution of the company.  GlobalDoc is today a well-respected leader in the translation services and language-related software development industry as is evidenced by GlobalDoc's proprietary software application, LangXpert.

Initially focused on technical documentation-related projects for the computer hardware/software, telecommunications, and automotive industries, GlobalDoc is now a leading LSP and software development company, supporting international requirements for extensive, highly visible corporate communications and technical information initiatives for clients.

Over the years, GlobalDoc has reinvented itself and changed numerous times in order to remain a viable, innovative source of translations for clients requiring personal levels of client service, translation automation, ever increasing quality standards, and value add/cost effective pricing structures.

Today, GlobalDoc operates internationally from its headquarters in Atlanta, USA and has wholly-owned subsidiaries in London (GlobalDoc (UK) Ltd.) and Bangalore (GlobalDoc India Pvt. Ltd.).  These operations are complimented by our established worldwide network of professional translator partners who are located and working in their own countries.