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GlobalDoc employs the latest technology in every area of translation services and when they don't exist -- we create them.

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GlobalDoc delivers unsurpassed translations and multilingual services to the international marketplace.

LangXpert Suite

High Availability Interoperability Data Synchronization Robustness Multi-Tenancy

LangXpert® is the proprietary GlobalDoc enterprise level automation tool enabling seamless translation workflow between GlobalDoc and its clients.

Customizable & Flexible 

Custom-built on Apache Software Foundation’s OFBiz, an Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) framework, LangXpert® offers clients tremendous customization and flexibility options to address a wide range of client workflow and technology requirements. 
Optimized Productivity

LangXpert integrates GlobalDoc, its clients, translation service providers, and other project partners into one platform creating a seamless flow of information between the system components and all users. It works with clients’ existing content management system (CMS) tools, to increase interactive workflow, enabling timely creation, optimal accuracy, review, and receipt of projects across asset lines. There are several key LangXpert features designed to benefit our clients:

  • Reduced manual project management processes
  • Increased access to dynamic CRM-based information during translations
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Accessible timelines related to translation projects
  • Real-time status tracking capabilities

The application provides an integrated internal client-centric component as well as an external secure web-portal for managing high-volume workflow requirements.

Embedded Client Controls

GlobalDoc built LangXpert to meet our proven process requirements benchmarked on years of knowledge about the industry. Therefore, while meeting our every internal need, we in turn can meet yours. That is why our clients have complete access to a secure web portal to manage workflow, enforce quality control, and view any file on their project 24/7. LangXpert creates a mutually beneficial platform for success.  Automation and technology enhance accuracy, quality, and productivity as core components within the LangXpert offering.

Two-Tiered Security Components

To maximize security and performance, LangXpert consists of two distinct applications:  a web-based application for external users (clients/translators/vendors) and an integrated two-tier desktop-based internal application (client-server).  The client-server application is accessible only within the GlobalDoc secure, worldwide linked network, and is not accessible to users via Internet.  Therefore, in addition to the internal-application security, there is also a security-by-design layer. Clients are able to access project information (reports), and submit requests to GlobalDoc via the web-based application 24/7 while data and processes stay secure within the internal application residing on VMWare-configured IBM secure servers.

Enhanced Translation Management & Functionality

  • Project Initiation:  Enables quote management and content management system-based project initiation
  • Translation Initiation Activities:  Allows users to access requirements, request quotes, place orders, and accept a translation; all with approval/validation control
  • Translation Document Management:  Permits users to upload and download documents and DTP materials either via HTTP or by using a FTP location within LangXpert
  • Translation Project Status:  Facilitates the view and update of workflow status including employee information, schedules, and workload. Updating is also automatic based on workflow milestones 
  • Translation Memory Compatibility:  Accepts industry-standard translation memory workflow processes as integral within the application, allowing increased consistency, quality, and cost savings for our clients
  • Resource Management:  Maintains all GlobalDoc translators, and all translator/employee information, including schedule and workloads
  • Project Management:  Tracks every project from several different perspectives -complete project details, timelines, all project related files, audit trails of status/events, PO numbers, invoices, translation memory updates, and reports are all maintained in one place. Access to employee workflow information, including schedules and workloads
  • Client Management:  Contains all client company and client managers’ information. Information includes all contact information, designation, notes, and audit trail of activities

We invite our clients and business partners to inquire about how LangXpert may be beneficial to working with GlobalDoc.  Please contact your GlobalDoc representative for additional information.