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Translation Memory

Translation Memory

GlobalDoc builds translation memory files by client and by product, for every project. We have the ability to use any client preferred translation memory software such as TRADOS® or Wordfast®. Our proprietary workflow automatically utilizes translation memory and captures glossary updates to maximize cost savings. This ensures the highest quality information with the fastest possible turnaround times. Clients who designate GlobalDoc as their primary provider of translation services benefit greatly from the combined efficiencies of our long-term translation memory strategies.

Strategic Implementation

A robust, professionally managed translation memory process far exceeds the capabilities of off-the- shelf translation memory software or a client-managed effort with personnel who are sometimes not familiar with the translation industry and proper use of translation memory strategies. GlobalDoc employs very strict, process-driven, technical procedures enabling us to use translation memory as a strategic part of the translation process and increase efficiency at every stage of your project.

Technically proficient translators

Beyond their expertise in client subject matter vocabularies, all translators are required to have uniform technical skills and be fluent in the XML environment with an emphasis on strict conformance to GlobalDoc requirements. The result is faster productivity and a more consistent, high quality translation product.

Reduced hourly production rates

Our translation memory capabilities allow us to convert information from any software or format. Desktop Publishing (DTP) becomes an automated process versus one that requires long hours of cut/paste efforts. This freedom from restrictions such as field lengths or font compatibility eliminates tedious production requirements and avoids technical issues that may diminish translation quality. A combination of GlobalDoc translation memory strategies along with automated, non-cut/paste DTP strategies sets us apart from our competition.

Translation Memory vs. Machine Translation

GlobalDoc utilizes professional translation memory strategies on behalf of our clients and within our operations -  not to be confused with “machine translation.” There are many machine (computer) translation offerings in the industry today, however none meet the high quality standards required by GlobalDoc and our client base. GlobalDoc has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Currently, we are researching various machine translation offerings that may work in combination with other high quality translation tools. We will keep clients informed as to the progress of our evolving machine translation offerings. GlobalDoc clients can be assured we stand ready to incorporate these into our offerings at a point in time whereby we feel they are relevant to our client requirements.