Technology Services

GlobalDoc employs the latest technology in every area of translation services and when they don't exist -- we create them.

Translation Services

GlobalDoc delivers unsurpassed translations and multilingual services to the international marketplace.

Multimedia/Voice Services

In today’s “non-print” online world, clear communication transcends the printed word into an animated, technology driven, virtual, ever-changing world of information. That’s why GlobalDoc provides localization and translation for every type of multimedia. GlobalDoc delivers narrated video in any language, subtitling, animated Flash support for websites, presentations, and any other multimedia initiatives our clients require.

We enhance our client’s experience by offering a full service, customized, flexible partnership that enables us to support any multimedia initiative. That means having content in any language worldwide while simultaneously supporting multiple languages in one single request -- start to finish. No matter where your audience is located, we reach them in their native language. With the latest capabilities on any platform, GlobalDoc knows how to translate your interactive message across all mediums and cultures.