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GlobalDoc employs the latest technology in every area of translation services and when they don't exist -- we create them.

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GlobalDoc delivers unsurpassed translations and multilingual services to the international marketplace.
Quality Assurance
Quality Control

Quality Control

Exacting Quality Control

There are multiple levels of Quality Control (QC) for each file. Our clients can be confident that files do not leave GlobalDoc without undergoing four levels of review and the personal signature of a designated QC manager.

Peer Review

Our translators are required to conduct their own peer reviews before submitting their work to GlobalDoc. Before we accept the initial translated text in any language, both a professional, native-speaking translator residing in their respective country and peer editor are involved in the translation process. Translators are chosen based on their experience with a particular product or client – many having worked on client requirements for over a decade, ensuring they are familiar with all aspects of providing high quality, client centric, translated information.

Localization Check

GlobalDoc verifies the localization rules based on client requirements. This stage of the QC process ensures country rules and standards are followed per country-specific guidelines clients provide to GlobalDoc. These localization standards are also captured in the translation memory process whereby clients do not have to repeatedly provide edits for the same country requirement.

Project Manager Check

This control verifies project manager tasks leading up to client file deliveries. GlobalDoc Project Managers are active participants in the GlobalDoc proprietary workflow process and must check to verify translator files are software compliant. Project Managers also personally review the files for non-language related translation accuracy. We require our Project Managers to take responsibility for the quality of a translation. In fact, their performance and quality error rates are tracked by GlobalDoc internally and reported on a quarterly basis. Project Managers at GlobalDoc are highly trained and do not just push files and schedules. They are trained as active and key participants in a very rigid QC process.

Post Production Review

The postproduction review ensures final deliverables meet client standards, match the original text layout, and that all previous quality control steps have been closely followed. We make sure the translated text works in the layout and fits the intended “look and feel” of the final media format.  A project does not leave GlobalDoc until the final, postproduction review occurs and a Manager responsible for QC releases the project for client delivery.