Technology Services

GlobalDoc employs the latest technology in every area of translation services and when they don't exist -- we create them.

Translation Services

GlobalDoc delivers unsurpassed translations and multilingual services to the international marketplace.
Quality Assurance
Quality Control

Our Quality

GlobalDoc has lived up to its founding vision to become a high-quality primary source of translation services for top global brands wishing to expand and maintain presence in any international market. We accomplish this by incorporating exacting, automated Quality Assurance and Quality Controls measures into our workflow processes.

In addition to stringent QA and QC measures, GlobalDoc offers flexible, uncompromising client service resulting in cost effective translation solutions. The company distinguishes itself with global presence, rapid response, and technical expertise. Here are a few of the ways we stand above our competition:

Time Zone Advantage

GlobalDoc’s strategic locations provide time zone advantages for our clients. We fully staff our Atlanta and Bangalore locations with expert project managers and high-level, U.S. trained management teams. We also schedule shifts with scalable resources to accommodate client’s location-specific support requirements.

Transparent Pricing

GlobalDoc provides transparent pricing -  our estimates are all-inclusive. There are no hidden fees – the use of our automation initiatives, including LangXpert™ and server-based (FTP, disaster recovery, backup, file retention) assets are all part of the value-add GlobalDoc provides to our clients.

We also offer free quotes to our clients.

Native Speakers

Our translations stand out because our professional translators work from their respective countries and can fulfill any language requirement. GlobalDoc understands the quality of a translation service directly corresponds to the quality of communication to our client’s audience.  We provide more than just word-for-word translations – we train GlobalDoc translators to provide information customized for the native speaking target audience. Therefore, translations go beyond a literal machine generated translation. They reflect the true, intended message of our clients, no matter what language or what part of the world clients desire to reach.

Horizontal Project Management

We support our mission to provide affordable, high quality, worldwide translation services with a horizontal model of project management. This model is designed to require fewer personnel interfaces, which increases productivity and provides less opportunity for miscommunication. Our style of project management empowers the managers on your business to make the flexible, responsive client service decisions you need, when you need them. This model also supports lower overhead costs, which enables us to be extremely price competitive.