Translation Services

GlobalDoc delivers unsurpassed translations and multilingual services to the international marketplace.

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The people who lead our company bring a wealth of language service experience, technical insight and passion.
Translation Memory

Software Services & API Development

The innovative, technologically-driven software development services at GlobalDoc enable us to fulfill a broad range of high-volume international client information requirements. LangXpert®, our proprietary enterprise level automation tool enables seamless translation workflow between GlobalDoc, clients, and our worldwide network of professional translators.  As a result, we have an advantage in helping clients reach worldwide audiences.  

For example, GlobalDoc has built client-specific application programming interfaces (APIs) to merge business and translation processes into a seamless platform.  These API development initiatives have saved GlobalDoc clients significant amounts of resources, including money and time.

GlobalDoc relentlessly strives to employ the latest technology in every area of translation services. From translators who are adept at working with content management systems to multimedia, multilingual production capabilities, GlobalDoc can prepare your content in any language in any format.

Technology is always part of our translation services strategy. Whether it’s creating cost efficiency with translation memory or streamlined desktop publishing protocols, GlobalDoc uses the most current tools at our disposal and when they don’t exist – we create them, as is the case with LangXpert and related APIs.

Our commitment to technology has allowed GlobalDoc to excel as a highly respected, quality focused, cost competitive, and customer service driven language service provider.